March 2012

SUCCESSFUL TEST PLATFORM for RFID UHF tag - EPC class 1 generation 2


NRFLab developed for a RFID tag company a successful test platform to test, debug validate and optimize a RFID UHF tag for standard EPC class 1 generation 2.


The tests are performed in the air. The platform debugs the tag at high and low level. At low level the platform test the analog block design of the tag, such as rectifier, ASK modulator. At high level the platform validates the functionality of the tag: wake up power, tag's response RN16.

 The test platform provides complementary test compare to a "reader ", as the objectives are different. Plus the test scripts are adapted to be transferred for mass test production.


Our customer, then the CNRFID (French reference center dedicated for the development of RFID solution in France) and the minister of research of France validate the test platform.


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Flash News

Paper in EETIMES: Identifying UHD RFID tag design weaknesses.

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NRFlab present bench mark results during the CNRFID congress of 5-6-7 Novembre 2012.

The bench mark results are available here.

Validation by the French Resarch Department and the CNRFID:

NRFLab developped a UHF RFID Tag Test Platform UHF - EPC class 1 Generation 2. More informations on October 2012 news.


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"NRFLab was founded two years ago... But, already, the company has customers in Germany, the UK and elsewhere."

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