Test & Characterization


  From definition, set up, realisation to characterization test and validation.

  1. Test Plan Definition and feasibility of the tests
  2. Management of the control interfaces
  3. Basic tests of functionality
  4. Automation of the test and execution of RF pattern measurements such as
    • Reception tests:
      • Gain
      • SNR
      • NF
      • PER
      • Sensitivity
    • Transmission tests:
      • Output power
      • OIP3
      • C1dB
      • Spectrum mask
      • EVM
      • FCC
    • Synthesiser tests:
      • Integrated Phase Noise
  5. Determination of measurement uncertainties
  6. Full characterization in temperature, process and power supply of the samples using test chip board or of prototype product using test board for product. ( application WLAN, RFID, Bluetooth...).
  7. Data evaluation and presentation
  8. If requested: Debug and Optimization of the product performances













Flash News

Paper in EETIMES: Identifying UHD RFID tag design weaknesses.

The paper is available here.

NRFlab present bench mark results during the CNRFID congress of 5-6-7 Novembre 2012.

The bench mark results are available here.

Validation by the French Resarch Department and the CNRFID:

NRFLab developped a UHF RFID Tag Test Platform UHF - EPC class 1 Generation 2. More informations on October 2012 news.


"NRFLab: La start up du mois Janvier 2012" More informations on January 2012 news.


"NRFLab was founded two years ago... But, already, the company has customers in Germany, the UK and elsewhere."

More informations on January 2012 news.

NRFLAB Exhibitor and Speaker at SAME and Best start up award 2011.